Program Workshops

Powerful Workshops

More than a training course, Springboard is a thoroughly researched and intrinsically defined program which constitutes a range of balanced and blended learning initiatives…

What’s Included?

  • a series of four one-day workshops, led by a trained and licensed facilitator to give you the best available sessions
  • spread over a three month period to allow time to absorb and apply the learnings while working through the book and gaining support from others
  • 332 page comprehensive, detailed personal workbook. Tailored to Australia with local examples and case studies. Participants will thumb through this for years to come!
  • networking skills and opportunities. Women are rarely taught how to seek and ask for help with their career and worklife. These skills are developed to enhance working relationships and develop ongoing learning
  • support during and after the program. Support is gained from other participants and an opportunity to become a member of the Springboard Network on completion extends the value of the program
  • mentoring possibilities. For organisations, a mentoring process can be built in to an in-house program to give an extra edge to the support, networking, learning and collegial nature of the program

What other program offers all that at such a reasonable price?

To maintain the integrity of the program and its design only licensed and accredited facilitators are able to conduct the training. We have been trained directly by the creators and designers of the original program and so are licensed and accredited providers. Besides that, we have more than 15 years experience in leading, training and facilitating groups in commercial and community environments.

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