gender pay equity

Women earn big money!

That’s a headline we’d like to see. For one woman, it is now a reality.

Teresa Gattung is head of Telecom NZ and is among the Top 7 Highest Paid CEO’s in Australia/NZ. She is the only woman in that select group. With a disciplined focus on transforming the company into a leading online and telecommunications company, Teresa has overseen $2b profit growth of which she shares in significantly.

Appointed to the role in October 1999, Teresa was formerly the telco’s Group GM Services having joined them as GM Marketing. Ms Gattung holds a law degree and a Masters in management.

Fortune magazine has previously listed her as one of the Top 50 most powerful women in international business in 2003 and 2002.

Have aspirations for a CEO role? Look no further for a role model!