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What Personality Type Are You?

We are all so different and have many ways of looking at things. There are numerous labels in psychology that tell us what type of personality we have. The way we perceive things, compared to the way others perceive things, can be very different. If we know the learning styles of individuals and what type of personality a person has, it helps us relate to people better.

What learning style do you have? What personality type are you and how do you adjust your personality to help people with a different type than yours?

1.) Mirror peoples personality, if they are an analytical type, qualify them with analytical questions.

2.) Visual people can see the way your company and business works with picture statements, Can you see yourself?… What would it look like to you if?… Get the picture?

3.) Auditory learners respond with written text. Auditory learners respond to statements or questions about hearing the ocean waves or hearing a recorded call. You can say things like, I hear what you are saying, restate what they just told you. Paint a picture with words.

4.) Kinesthetic or feeling people are tactile and respond to emotion. Find out what there dominant emotions are. How would it feel to achieve a six figure income in 6 months? How would you feel being able to spend more time with your family, doing the things you love to do.

If you can create a conversation with facts, visual pictures of what life looks like, some written text through your website or emails and find out peoples emotional triggers, it will help the people you speak with get the whole story of what you have to offer, you will bond with more people and learn from their learning styles which will only help your relationships and your life.

Business is about people. It is about what you will do for them and how you can help them achieve there goals. So, remember the way we relate to people is in proportion to how effective we are as leaders.

What are some of your techniques?

Author – Nikki Biggs