1000 day plan

What I’ve Learned

Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, believed that the answers we seek are within each of us.

The following statements from past participants attest to the fact that we often know innately what we need to do but it takes something like Springboard to reawaken us and set our life back on track. And then sometimes, there are those “a-ha” moments at Springboard that make such a difference to our lives.

  • Be generous/kind to yourself.
  • Have a plan to achieve goals.
  • You can motivate yourself – build a support network, have a picture of your goals, use positive affirmations.
  • Get organised.
  • Use time management.
  • Get energy – get enough sleep, eat healthily and exercise.
  • There are legitimate ways to increase my visibility at work.
  • I can increase my own confidence.
  • Write goals down and just do it.
  • I need to increase my energy by eating well, taking vitamins and getting more sleep.
  • I can increase my fitness through exercise.
  • It’s ok to be assertive and say no.
  • A positive attitude is important – avoid negativity.
  • Prioritise all areas of my life.
  • Continue my self-development through mentors, courses, reading.

What ideas can you take away and apply for yourself?