licensed trainer

Warning. Is Your Trainer Licensed?

Any person who conducts women’s development training known as “Springboard” needs to be licensed.

A licensed trainer cannot subcontract or delegate training to another party who is not licensed without breaching quality standards, their license conditions and copyright laws. So, whoever is ‘up front’ and training you must be licensed.

This is your guarantee that the program you are receiving is the same program that

  1. has won awards
  2. been successful for tens of thousands of other women throughout the world
  3. meets strict quality standards
  4. and ethical standards

Licenseholders are required to maintain these standards and deliver the Springboard Womens Development Program as if you were receiving it directly from the program creators. Those who fail to do so can have their license revoked and this has happened in Australia and elsewhere.

How do I know if my trainer is licensed?

  • check the Springboard UK website ( – only currently registered trainers are listed.
  • ask to see a copy of the trainer’s current license – they won’t hesitate if they are genuine
  • email or call the parent company in the UK to verify

Does it matter?


  1. One of the key elements of Springboard is it’s ethical stance. Someone who fraudently represents themselves as a licensed Springboard trainer flouts ethical standards
  2. Any trainer without a current license is not paying the required royalties for use of the accredited program
  3. The Springboard program is regularly updated and you will not be receiving the latest research and methodologies for effective development
  4. An unlicensed trainer (or one with an expired or revoked license) is breaching copyright laws
  5. Dealing with a trainer who is not currently lciensed may be placing you in jeopardy through involvement in legal action

Make sure you are deaing with a currnelty licensed trainer. It’s your guarantee you are receiving the acclaimed and immensely successful Springboard program which you are paying for and deserve to receive.

If in doubt, contact the Springboard Consultancy, UK.