springboard workbook

The Workbook – the core of the program

A key resource in the Springboard program is the workbook.

Not just any old workbook.

This is A4 sized and a whopping 332 pages. Full of information, exercises, case studies, examples and more. And this version is a fully customised Australian/NZ one so what you read is about our part of the world. Some people have kept the workbook long after doing the program and review it year after year to continue their progress – some have even worn out the pages!

Springboard WorkBook contents include:sbwrkbk

  • assertiveness
  • setting goals
  • what you’ve got going for you
  • finding support
  • the world about you
  • blowing your own trumpet
  • more energy – less anxiety
  • making things happen
  • your personal resource bank
  • balancing home and work
  • networking
  • useful addresses

The Springboard workbook is packed with ideas, exercises and examples that you can either work through on your own, or with two or three others. It is down-to-earth, practical, full of positive thinking and good humour, with the points illustrated with cartoons and real case studies. This new edition is fully revised and updated. You work through the workbook as part of the Springboard Women’s Development Program. Afterwards continue to work with it individually as part of your ongoing development. You might even get together with your support group fromt he program to continue peer development sessions using the workbook.

Women who have used Springboard report exciting changes in their lives, including substantial promotions, sorting out difficult relationships, getting healthy, being taken seriously, speaking out and generally feeling more self confident.

As part of your course fee for the Springboard Women’s Development Program, this workbook is usually included – it’s valued at over $AU85.

The workbook can only be acquired through a Springboard Consultant – it is not available to the general public.

To experience Springboard for yourself, call us on 0431 535 040.
Springboard is a trademark of the Springboard Consultancy Ltd UK who own the copyright to the Springboard Women’s Development Program, the Workbook and associated materials.