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    How do you get successful?
    Heard the latest stats?

Success consists of a series of little daily victories

What is success to you? Having a great career? A loving family? Pots of money? A close circle of friends? Time to give generously to others? Success is different for each of us. My definition of success is likely to be different from yours. It doesn’t mean mine is any better, maybe far from it! So keep in mind that your version of success is just as valid as anyone else’s.

The best chance of gaining the success we desire occurs when our goals or dreams are aligned with our values. (Remember we went through identifying what was important to us? Check back in the workbook and see if your ideas then are still valid.)

Once you’ve worked out what success is for you, recognise that you will have some wins and learning experiences along the way. Keep a focus on your dream, do more of what’s working and less of what’s not, stay committed to the dream and never give up, and remember success may be one more phone call away, or one meeting away, or one more day away … who knows how close or far it is?

When you reach your goal, celebrate your win. That reinforces to your subconscious that you deserve even more success! Life is meant to be fun so enjoy the journey and contribute to others along the way. These e-zines, for example, are part of my contribution.

Allow Time

You know how we have four seasons, and each one lasts for three months? A lot happens in that time. Success is a little like the natural timing of the seasons. Once you’ve set your goals, give yourself 90 days of applied planning and action to start to see results… sow the seeds, tend the fields and before you know it, your crop will grow.


I’ve done it a million times. I set a goal to move myself towards achieving succes … and then I hesitate. Things have to be just so before I actually start on my goal … maybe I need to prepare more … maybe I should adjust my goal, not reach for so much … maybe, maybe, maybe. The more I hesitate the more pain I start to feel and then the headtapes start to play at warp speed and what happens to my goal? Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

Now, when I set a goal and actually commit to that goal by taking action – even small, itsy-bitsy, tiny, baby steps – then I start to gain some momentum and what happens then? Things begin to open up. I see opportunities and possibilities. I get a little stronger in my conviction and confidence as I move along the way. And I achieve the goal. That gives me pleasure – even more so when I celebrate it! Pass the bubbly, please!

90 days isn’t very long. Set your goal to increase your success and commit to it for 90 days. You just might surprise yourself.

Have you had some successes you can share? Email what success means to you and how you know you have achieved even a part of it. We can then let others know the kinds of things they can think of if they’re stuck on what success is for them.

Statistics Always Tell a Story

    * Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. If you didn’t realise this you’re not alone. In a survey, 97% of people didn’t know it. We’re talking Australia here, folks. Next time you’re at the doctor’s, have your heart condition checked. And maybe it’s time to start that gentle exercise program and cut down on fats.
    * Could you live on $3 a day? In Papua New Guinea, 70% of people do. If you measure success by income, we’re all wealthy beyond the dreams of many other people in the world. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way.

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