Springboard – Now Virtual and Online

FLY CONSULTING has delivered the world’s first live version of the famous Springboard Program. It has been a huge success, providing additional support for staff in lockdown and home-working situations above and beyond what the program always delivers. Everyone has been pivoting around the current circumstances and so have we. With much design engineering and technical mumbo-jumbo, we now conduct Springboard online. All that’s needed is a device with internet and we are good to go. Not only can we conduct in-house programs online but our public programs are now also virtual. We all look forward to connecting face-to-face in future but for now, this works well!

Springboard Online Course

Results from the first online program of 25 participants include:

… 100% felt more confident in their own development

… 95% of participant felt more confident in goal setting

… 80% felt more confident in their own positivity

… 80% felt more confident in their communication skills

… 80% felt more confident in their professional relationships

Here is what a few of the participants of our virtual program said: 

I feel like I am being listened to more, and by being positive and encouraging others, my team has achieved more and the workplace has been more positive and a nicer place to work.

As a result of participating in this program, the organisation will benefit by hearing more of my ideas and thoughts. I am more confident in speaking up and plan to keep improving this skill. An effective communicator is valuable in any organisation.

Inner peace about the direction of my career, the ability to think critically about my goals and pathways to getting there, a plan to achieve my goals, conversations with women about career management that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Deb brought a positive attitude to our conferences, was supportive and great at keeping us on task. She is great at communicating and undertook the role of facilitator so well considering we had to undertake the course via Zoom.

Besides growing my network, I have learnt some key life skills to accept who I am and continue to develop a growth mindset in order to have a full, purposeful life and realise my potential. I have a lot to give and want to start channeling this energy towards constructive outcomes.

Support network – never felt so accepted, supported and encouraged; mentor – a safe place to discuss some difficult topics and to be challenged; workbook – a resource I will use forever.

It’s fantastic that we can deliver Springboard to enhance organisations and augment staff development in ways that operate effectively for participants who cannot connect in person. Virtual training works and we can show you how.

Call Deb on 0431535040 to find out more about our online interactive training.

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