springboard summary

Springboard – in a nutshell

Springboard is an outstanding 3 month development program for women.
It incorporates personal and work development.
It has been known to transform careers and lives.

Program Objectives

  • Foster the personal and career development of women
  • Increase women’s confidence and assertiveness
  • Help women identify values, skills and strengths
  • Provide practical models for goal setting, planning and problem solving
  • Develop networking and relationship building skills

Program Features

  • 4 facilitated 1-day workshops spread over 3 months
  • 300+ page A4 sized workbook crammed with tools, examples, data
  • 2-3 hours per week of self study by participants
  • Guest speakers
  • Support systems and networks

What’s Covered

  • Set and achieve goals
  • Establish what you want from life
  • Defining your priorities
  • Putting yourself across positively
  • Managing time
  • Dealing with changes
  • Networking
  • Communication skills
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving
  • and more …

Target Group

  • Female staff in non-management positions or those who aspire to management

Springboard can be specially customised to suit

    • management women
    • professional women
    • undergraduate students
    • students who are between school and uni/work


  • Public programs – women can attend individually or be sponsored to attend by their employer
  • Inhouse – conducted on site at the workplace


  • Springboard has won awards
  • It was originally developed in 1989 for the BBC in the UK
  • Since then, it has spread to 34 countries with 240,000 women completing the course
  • In Australia, more than 240 organisations and 35,000 women have experienced Springboard
  • Quality is assured. Only licensed facilitators can conduct the program

Benefit to Organisations

  • Cost-effective method of training large numbers of women
  • Staggered workshops means participants are not away for lengthy periods
  • Can link in with performance management and individual development plans
  • Facilitates retention of female employees
  • Optimises the potential of women in the workplace
  • Demonstrates organisational committment to equity, diversity and career development for employees
  • Pro-active, tangible support of womens careers facilitates development of future female leaders
  • Further develops those staff involved as Guest Speakers and Mentors

 What To Do Next?

Contact Deb (0431 535 040) to find out more information, ask any questions and chat about whether the program is suitable for what your objectives may be.