Rave Reviews!

Springboard Women’s Development Program has been recognised by participants and managers worldwide as an effective, robust program that delivers results. It has won awards for its outstanding design. The Lady Platt Award from the Institute of Training for the most innovative Equal Opportunities training. The National Training Award from the UK government for innovation and excellence. And, the creators of the program were awarded the European Women of Achievement Award for promoting pan-European understanding and providing inspiration to others.
Here’s a small sample of what people have said …

“A comprehensive women’s development programme.”
The Guardian

“‘Inspir-actical’ is how I would describe Springboard. It inspires women to decide what they most want to achieve and then, very practically, helps them do it. It’s fun and involving.”
Valerie Hammond, Chief Executive Officer, Roffey Park Management Institute

“Springboard was a turning point for me. It opened my eyes to my potential.”
Katie Whichelow, Campaign Manager, Opportunity Now

“Springboard is like having a new window cut in an existing wall – you see everything in a different light and reassess the significance of things.”
Participant, University of Cambridge

“Springboard is a wonderfully effective way of improving the lives of women, especially those in scientific and technical fields where women are still under-represented at the top.”
Laura James, The Hand and Gender Agenda

“What is particularly impressive is that everyone on the course has reported personal progress. They are more assertive, more confident and more committed.”
Tarmac Plc

To experience Springboard for yourself, call us on 0431 535 040. That way, you can get results like these – see what participants have to say about their experience of Springboard through the programs we have conducted in Australia.

“Thankyou for such a wonderful course. It has honestly made a difference to me. Things have started to happen but I can’t officially say anything yet. (I will let you know).” – Di A