work life balance

“Get me a life!”

Ever said something like

… “I want a life!”

… “I’ll go mad if I don’t do something about this!”

… “Give me a break!”

… “If I only had time to connect with people again!”

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, have what you have and yet .. you feel trapped by it all. How do you get over that feeling? Well, not by dreaming of a different life. Try adjusting to the life you have now by tweaking certain aspects. That’s a surer way to a sense of fulfilment and a more balanced life according to Dr James Cowley.

One of the first steps is to work out what ‘balance‘ means to you in your life.

What is ‘balance’ for you? If you had it, what would it look like, feel like, sound like?

Once you’ve identified that. you can look at various aspects. For example

  • is money more important than time?
  • Are you able to enjoy the present?
  • Are you living for others through your reputation or ego?
  • Is the answer ‘out there’ in the guise of a new partner/job/house?
  • What do you need to feel good?
  • What makes you feel bad and how can you change that?
  • How much do you really need?
  • Where is your pressure coming from?

Dr Cowley in his book I Need Balance in My Life: Achieving the Dream of the 21st Century (Griffin Press, Australia) takes the reader through an exploration of these and other questions to find and create a more balanced life.

If we don’t know what we have or want, finding balance is fraught with frustration. Springboard focusses on exploring you, your world and how you see your place in it. The program covers much the same ground as Dr Cowley’s book, and more, in 3 intense workshops supplemented by a highly practical workbook.