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Develop your staff – unlock their potential

Over 240 organisations throughout Australia have arranged for a Springboard program to be conducted for their staff. Those organisations have seen the value of unlocking the potential of a significant segment of their workforce. More than half of the Australian workforce is female. The majority of those females occupy positions below managerial level.

Springboard is a program for all women in all stages of life at all career levels. However, it works especially well for women who are in non-management positions or who have the potential to move into management.

Sure, Springboard is conducted as a Public Program where people may individually, or through their organisation, book a place. The advantage there is that participants broaden their view of the world beyond their own organisation and develop networks with other organisations.

A more cost efficient way of providing the program for more than around eight or more women is to conduct the program in-house. Conducting Springboard within an organisation is a highly cost effective way of developing and retaining female talent. Some Australian organisations conduct Springboard internally as part of their curriculum and have done so for years.

Top 5 Reasons to Conduct Springboard At The Workplace

  1. Cost-effectiveness often tops the list of reasons to conduct Springboard on-site. Because clients often have training facilities or suitable rooms available, one of the key costs are controlled. It’s also simply good business sense to offer a better investment rate to clients where they are looking to offer the program to a number of women. Group training rates are usually significantly lower than public program fees. Also, consider travel and accommodation costs.
  2. Programs can be scheduled to suit the organisational work-plan and so avoid peak workload times where possible. The flexibility of scheduling training is a major benefit to organisations, especially those with high customer interface points. This minimises impact on the workplace. You choose the dates and location of your choice and we provide the course administration support, materials and qualified Facilitators.
  3. Customisation is highly valuable. Minor customisation to suit the organisational context is provided in on-site Springboard Programs to reflect your values, priorities and culture. This also enables us to fashion the program around specific organisational needs and use real-life, pertinent examples.
  4. Reduced travelling time is often a benefit – for many participants, travelling to the workplace is easier than a central CBD location where public programs are often held. That also means that learning can be immediately applied.
  5. In-house programs provide cross-organisational collaboration and networks which always reflect on productivity and simplification. Common issues, challenges and approaches can be explored to build a positive culture.

Three Ways In-house Programs can be Conducted:

  • Exactly with the same content as a public program, allowing for some minor modification to format and content
  • Customised content, length, examples and activities to suit the organisational context
  • Bespoke – in the unlikely event the Springboard program does not suit, we can develop an alternative program specifically designed for your needs.

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