Springboard Program

So, you want to know what’s in a Springboard workshop? How often they run? What goes on in them? Is it ‘secret womens business”?

Springboard programs are conducted in one of two ways:

  1. public programs where anyone can enrol
  2. in-house programs where organisations offer the program to staff

springboard.org.au offer both the Springboard Women’s Development Program and the Springboard Graduate Program (for women who have already completed the main program) as either public or in-house programs.

What’s New?
In recent years there have been significant improvements to the Springboard Womens Development Program.

  • four revised one-day workshops
  • new subjects and issues
  • new exercises
  • new case studies
  • more up-to-date information
  • participants network
  • participants newsletter
    and more

If you’ve done Springboard before, this is possibly a whole new experience.

Let’s explore further …

Springboard is a trademark of the Springboard Consultancy Ltd UK who own the copyright to the Springboard Women’s Development Program, the Workbook and associated materials.