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Exciting learning solutions for your own development, or that of your staff.

Below you’ll find the range of programs we provide, including the acclaimed Springboard Women’s Development Program.
Programs range in duration from short sessions of 1, 2 and 3 hours through to half-day, full-day and multiple day workshops.
Most programs are conducted in-house. Springboard Women’s Development Program is conducted as a public program.
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  • Springboard Women’s Development Program  Find out about the Springboard Women’s Development Program… what it is, what’s included, what results you can expect. Workbook, Testimonials, Optional Mentors Workshop and more…
  • Springboard In-house Conducting Springboard within an organisation is a highly cost effective way of developing and retaining female talent. Some Australian organisations conduct Springboard internally as part of their curriculum and have done so for years. Find out all about it from the item below.
  • Springboard Mentors Workshop Mentoring is one of the key support systems provided within the Springboard Program. If you have ever had a mentor, you’ll understand why they are so integral to development.  It is an optional component in the program. Discover more about it by reading the article below.
  • Programs – 1 day or less  When you have exhausted Springboard, or if it’s not quite right for you just now, we have a range of other short courses, workshops and seminars available to address most soft skill areas.