more me time

More ‘Me’ Time

Where do I get more “Me Time”???

It’s tough.

Holding down a job, managing a household, husband/partner and kids.

That’s without even thinking about study or building a career.

And how do some people still fit in networking, building relationships with family and friends, hobbies, volunteer work and have Sunday breakfast on the beach???

Well, they’ve got exactly the same deposit of time you and I have. 86,400 to be precise.

That’s how many seconds we get every day, all day.

How do you invest your time?

Here’s a few pointers about how to grab some extra leverage…

    1. Cleaning takes up huge chunks of time, so break it down into manageable chunks. You don’t notice ten minutes here and there but you do cringe at the thought of 3 hours cleaning every weekend.
    2. Do the regular chores as they happen (yes, even if you don’t feel like it!) .. wash up at least once a day, wipe down the kitchen benchtops after you wash up, wipe out the bath/shower after it’s been used each day. That way these constantly used areas stay clean and only need a more thorough going-over every 2-4 weeks.
    3. Clean the floors, vacuum and dust once a week.
    4. Schedule big jobs like carpet cleaning, touch-up painting, minor repairs in a diary. Keep a time open for an hour or two every four months when these jobs actually get done.
    5. Think about having a cleaning night once a month where everyone gets involved. Deal out chores for tasks like cleaning the window surrounds, vacuuming under furniture, wiping over the skirting boards, a full bathroom clean.
    6. Most people have learned time management at some course somewhere – apply it to home as well. When your mail comes in either deal with it there and then, dump it, or assign it to a later time to be dealt with. Spend fifteen minutes each day getting your finances tidied up so you don’t miss bill payments and you progressively record and file your records ready for tax time. Pay bills online or by phone and save the queue time.
    7. Keep all those things that need to happen near the front door. Assign a spot for your keys, wallet, mobile so you never have to hunt for them again. those things you want to give to someone, outgoing mail, dvd’s and library books to return, clothes for the recycle bin – all go in a box near the front door so you don’t forget them and can easily grab them when you next leave the house.
    8. Do it online. It’s amazing what you can shop for online these days., Woolies, Coles and Myer all have online shopping sites. Spend a half hour hopping online and placing your order instead of fighting for a car space, juggling a wobbly trolley and shouldering for space in the shopping aisle. Keep an eye out for mailbox leaflets advertising home delivered groceries as well – often the price isn’t much different and the quality is reliable.
    9. Washing and ironing. If you have space, keep 3 baskets for dirty items – whites, manchester and coloureds – that saves time sorting on washing day. If the pile is too big during the week you can put on a load at night and hang it out in the morning to save weekend time. When you take things off the line, fold them there and then and they’re ready for the cupboard. Who said you HAD to iron everything, including the sheets?!?!
    10. Find somewhere in the kitchen for a whiteboard and jot down the things that have to be done. Assign names if you delegate chores and there is a due date, plug that in. This way nothing gets forgotten and you get the pleasure of ticking it off and removing it when it’s done!
    11. Make it! Me time that is. Dedicate one hour a week at least just for you. To recharge, Take a bath. Read that book. Chat to friends. Whatever. It’s one hour a week where the ‘do not disturb’ sign goes up and everyone else respects that time. Heck, give them their own one hour ‘me time’ slot as well if they feel they’re missing out!

You’ll never get more time than you have now. So, to get some “me time” either you need to organise yourself differently, adjust your expectations and standards of what is ‘good enough’ or remove things from your life. Create some space, for you.

Have you made more me time? Tell us how you use it! Email what you do so we can share with others and let them know a bunch of ideas on how to make best use of their scarce personal time.

Statistics Always Tell a Story

    * Despite what we see at times as the high cost of medication, it is scary to realise that last year in Australia 166 million prescriptions were filled and 80% of those were under the PBS. That costs the taxpayer a cool $5.6 billion. Even scarier is that most prescriptions are for anti-depressants! Find ways to de-stress and stay healthy, mentally and physically.
    * 94% of Australian girls surveyed wanted to be more beautiful some of the time; 68% believed they were less beautiful than the average girl and 25% would change their physical features if they could. If you have daughters, spend more time encouraging their self-belief in their own value. We all need to be told we’re beautiful. Tell them early so they internalise it. Ensure they have a clear understanding of what ‘beautiful’ means and encourage them not to compare themselves with others – we’re each unique and beautiful in our own way.

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