Failure is opportunity

Every Failure Is An Opportunity In Disguise

Failure is often described as an opportunity for feedback. I like to think of it as an indication of course-correction being needed. The trick is to interpret the warning signs before heading too far along the wrong path. I came across this article and thought it discussed the issue of failure well.

As much as we would all love to live an easy life with endless resources and finances, most people might admit that life would be pretty monotonous if there were no obstacles or failures. Evidence of this might be seen by watching the celebrity gossip television programs, where the rich and famous of Hollywood seem to bounce from one crisis to another, seemingly bored of living the good life.

How many times have you watch such stories in the news, and thought what you would do to benefit humanity if you could have their vast resources of wealth, power and influence. How many times have you been puzzled when trying to understand their mindset?

Success begotten without any hard labor or without crossing any insurmountable barrier is hardly remembered even by the most successful people. To compare it with something which we experience every day, we would not value sunlight if it was not snatched by darkness of the night.

While no one in this world is spared from ill fortunes and his share of bad luck, disappointments and failures, what separates men from mouse is the individual ability to deal with failures. While some succumb to their past rejections and present failures, some rise above it and strive harder to perfect their processes to achieve success.

The second group always visualizes the entire spectrum of life – with its due quota of ups and downs and sees every failure as another opportunity thrown at them which has the potential of future success. This relentless pursuit of happiness and success despite all the hurdles which might come in the way, eventually take these people high on the ladder of accomplishment. The people who are tormented at the sheer thought of failure, past or present, are usually left behind.

What is it that makes successful people look beyond their set backs and re-set their goals with renewed enthusiasm and vigor? Here are some of the ways by which people can achieve this skill:

Treat the past as over and future as illusive. This means that you have to act for the present moment, which is all that you have in front of you. If you let your past failures come in your way of thinking positively for the future, you would be perennially haunted by what obstacles may occur in future.

The key is to treat any set-back as an opportunity to improve the way you do things. Once you start believing in what the present is offering you, you tend to be more focused on making the most of your opportunities.

Believe in yourself. We all know about the rejection which Graham Bell faced from the scientific community when he invented a new way in which we could communicate. If Bell had given up on his belief and resigned to his failures, we would have perhaps never reached this far as we have today in the field of communication.

Failures, negative criticism, set backs are all intrinsic part of success. If you believe in your ideas and can firmly stand by it, you can look at every failure on its face and see the sun that shines behind the barrier.

The talent or ability to take every failure in the stride is an important asset in any organization. It is really the leader’s responsibility to coach his employees and team members the importance of remaining steadfast in their approach to achieve respective career and personal goals.

Set backs would come and go and would continue to do so, so long as you are involved in some kind of activity in life. There is a saying that when it rains, it pours. Nothing can be truer than this saying, when it comes to being flooded with set backs. Where we go wrong is that we fail to notice the silver lining around the cloud.

Motivational Magic is a mindset that gives special attention to building and reinforcing this type of thinking. People are given the tools to develop a more positive outlook towards life and to go beyond failures with a smile and head held high. The whole idea is to derive new enthusiasm from our adversities.

Reaching deep within to tap an inner power that you never worked with ever before. Reverse the negativity, and let us not turn the whole adversity experience into a vicious cycle where we perform sub-optimally in the face of adversities to invite more failure.

If you have tried hard, try harder this time pushing down all the adversities which hinder you and success could be round the corner. Overcoming the adversities of life can reward you with an exhilarating feeling of strength and accomplishment. While most people run from adversities, the true leader embraces adversity and uses it as a slingshot to propel them forward.

Mount Rushmore was inspired by such leaders, incredible men who accomplished amazing feats by harnessing the power of adversity.

Allow your adversities to unlock your greatest opportunities for personal achievement and extraordinary accomplishments!

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