employee engagement

Employee engagement

What can Springboard do for my workplace?

Winner of numerous awards for design and effectiveness, Springboard is proven in staff development. It has stood the test of time for more than fourteen years. Successfully conducted in seventeen countries around the world.

The short version

  • what does it do? … effects change
  • who is it for? … non-and pre-management women although it can be customised for professional and managerial women
  • why should I? … it’s a cost effective way to train large numbers of women, reignite their careers and retain them in the workplace
  • how can I find out more? … read on or contact Deb on 0431 535 040 

The long version …

What is Springboard?

One of the most successful development programs of all time. Springboard is specifically designed to address and encourage behaviour and attitudinal change in a range of areas including:

  • goal clarification
  • work/life balance
  • handling change
  • confidence
  • assertiveness
  • career planning

More than a training program, Springboard is a thoroughly researched and intrinsically defined program which constitutes a range of balanced and blended learning initiatives.

What is it designed to do?

  •  Enable people to realistically assess their current situation
  •  Decide on the next steps for their development
  •  Equip them with the positive attitude and skills needed to take those next steps
  •  Accept responsibility for their own development

What’s included?

  • four full one-day workshops, led by a trained and licensed facilitator to give you the best available sessions
  • spread over a three month period to allow time to absorb and apply the learnings while exploring development actions, self study using a unique workbook and gaining support from others
  • 332-page comprehensive, detailed personal workbook. Tailored to Australia with local examples and case studies. Participants will thumb through this for years to come!
  • networking skills and opportunities. Women rarely get taught how to seek and ask for help with their career and worklife. These skills are developed to enhance working relationships and develop ongoing learning.
  • support during and after the program. Support is gained from other participants and an opportunity to become a member of the Springboard Network on completion extends the value of the learning.
  • for organisations, a mentoring process can be built in to give an extra edge to the support, networking, learning and collegial nature of the program. What other program offers all that? Click here for more information on mentoring.

What else makes Springboard special?

To maintain the integrity of the program and its design, only licensed and accredited facilitators are able to conduct the training. Springboard.org.au have been trained directly by the creators and designers of the original program and so are licensed and accredited Springboard consultants.

Springboard is unique in its breadth, depth and effectiveness. It has reached over 240,000 women in 34 countries so far. It is a program especially designed for women from all backgrounds. (A similar program exists for men to meet their special needs and ways of learning).

What results can I expect?

Programs are tailored to meet your current organisational needs so that participants achieve their optimum blend of work and personal results. (We adopt the whole person philosophy). Line Managers have reported the following about their staff who have attended:

  •  more realistic about their own self assessment
  •  more self-confident
  •  increased motivation
  •  accepts more responsibility for their own development
  •  have a more mature and positive attitude
  •  communicate more assertively and effectively
  •  adds more value to their work
  •  improved relations with customers
  •  presents a more positive image

Program Format

Self-paced learning. Specially researched workbook. Support network and networking. Positive role models. One day workshops – four of them. Spread over a three month period to ensure behavioural change and ‘stickability’ of the learning. This structure produces an unusually effective development program which delivers real and sustainable results.

So, would Springboard bring about change in your organisation?

How many training programs exist for the general working population of women which are robust and substantial?  What would it do for your organisation for women to develop both personally and professionally so that they can add more value to the employment relationship?  What other questions do you have? To find out, or enquire about bookings, call 0431 535 040.

Why women only?

In generic training, gender is not a major issue. However, research demonstrates that in development work, women and men do operate differently. Their work and life experiences also vary. To accommodate those differences and so increase the learning value, there is both a men’s program (Navigator) and women’s program (Springboard).

A final note

Because this is a development program and not simply a training program, we also require that women volunteer to participant rather than be nominated. You can’t force people to develop, but you can certainly encourage and motivate them to choose to do so. Our collective experience, based on years of running Springboard programs inhouse, proves that forced enrolment is damaging to the employment relationship and the best results occur when women choose to enrol in the program knowing the employer supports and encourages it.