change thinking

Crystal clarity

How often do you feel, as soon as I lose weight, gain weight, give up smoking, give up caffeine, get divorced, get hitched, get a new job … I’ll be more confident?

Doesn’t it give you the pips when you know deep inside that there’s more you are capable of, but you just can’t find the ‘on’ switch?

Isn’t it time you stood up for yourself?

Got out of a rut?

Changed, even just a teensy bit, how you think?

It’s really frustrating to know you can be more, if only.

This all reminds me of that fly at my window right now. It’s buzzing about, zipping here, zapping there, being incredibly busy and getting absolutely nowhere. I can hear each extra inch of that flies frustration as he (I assume it’s a he!) bangs his head and body and everything he’s got trying to find a way out.

You know the really crazy thing?

No matter how hard he tries he’s never going to get anywhere by doing what he’s doing.

He can’t! He’s a fly. And they have very small (if any) brains to figure anything out. So he keeps banging and crashing and buzzing and zapping all to no avail. Yet right next to him, less than 3 feet away is a window that is open. If only he looked. If only he took the time to set back a minute and thought about his situation, his reactions and behaviours. At some point I’ll bet he will find that window. But by the time he does, he’ll be as battered as all get out, and he’ll have wasted an enormous amount of time and energy going nowhere for so long.

You know what that fly has got going for him? He knows where he’s got to be. He can even see it. It might be as simple as ‘out of here’ but it’s a direction. He just hasn’t worked out how to do it.

How many of us plunder through life like that? Problem is we often don’t know where we want to be. We have no clear direction. If we do, it’s often “away from this” rather than “towards that”. For many of us, we know where we want to be, we can see it, but we just can’t seem to get there. Either we’re not taking the steps or don’t know what’s needed to get there.

What’s the solution?  Getting clear on where you are heading and why. And making sure it’s towards something rather than avoiding something else.

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