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Communicating Ethically

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And welcome to another edition of our regular educational newsletter. Communication skills are critical to developing relationships and achieving.

The Springboard Women’s Development program is very strong on issues such as ethics, building trust and being assertive. Part of everyday living which makes for a more harmonious environment for ourselves and our world generally. We recently had an experience which brought these issues to the harsh light of reality. In the spirit of all experiences providing lessons, we thought we’d share our learning with you.

How do you build trust without communicating your intentions to others who are potential stakeholders? You can’t. Mind reading is a difficult ask of anyone. You need to clearly communicate your plans and the progress you have made to others who may be involved or have an active interest in your project or work. If you don’t they may become nervous, suspicious or fill in the missing gaps erroneously.

How do you act ethically? By declaring your interest. By ensuring that when you act for others you do not advantage yourself. By acting from the spirit of collaboration and the greater good than from personal gain. Ethics are about being impartial, open and transparent.

How do you act assertively? By being open and honest with people. When you have an issue, raise it with them directly. It may be uncomfortable. It may be challenging. It’s also the only way to clear the air and gain clarity around matters. In the absence of that level of being assertive, people jump to conclusions and make assumptions without facts. And that can destroy relationships, kill projects, bring good works unstuck.

Many people want to build trust, act ethically and be assertive … some are just not sure how to do that sometimes.

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Melanie Wass is principal of Natural Consulting and a past Springboard trainer. She has extensive experience in people management in the public and private sector, a degree in psychology and is a trained coach. Find out more about Melanie from