1000 day plan

1000 Day Plan

We all are ringing in the new year with our normal new year resolutions. As we write goals in every category of our lives and start taking action steps to do them, there are a few aspects that can help us create the life we love.

By looking 3 years in advance and using our imagination to see where we really would love to be, we can move forward with our current goals without feeling overwhelmed. It is easier to dream and let our imagination roam if we give ourselves room to breath.

By visualization, feeling like what we desire has already happened and by not limiting ourselves we can create success in our life. We have all heard of creative visualization but how do we know it works?

Is this some new age hocus pocus or is it a real source of motivation and truth. When we look 1000 days in advance and let our imaginations roam free, we don’t feel as time pressured as we might by only thinking about this year.

Of course an action plan is essential on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. To create the masterpiece we call life, looking a few years forward will allow us the freedom to wildly expand our dreams and our goals. Feeling our feelings as if it has already has happened, is important because this creates good energy and this is what magnetic attraction is all about?

When we feel like we are the leaders and our dreams have already manifested, it is easier to attract what we want in life. If other people can do this, it is possible for everyone on the planet. It just takes a vision and a dream to motivate us to take the right action and move into our flow in life.

Remember do not limit yourself by thinking negative. When feelings of frustration or insecurity hit, write out your life as if it has already happened.

Feel like a leader would. How would you feel if money was no longer an issue? How would it feel to have people signing up by the thousands and to travel the world in a way that successful people do everyday. We all deserve success! We are all so valuable and what we have to offer is limitless.

So as we move into the new year, this is the best year thus far and it will only get better. Feel your success now and look ahead like it has already happened.

Let your imagination carry you to far off places. Feel the feeling that all of your success would bring you. Feel the lightness of the burdens lifted. Feel the love and security that is your essence. You deserve the best!

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