… the world’s leading personal and professional development program for women.

Springboard is an experience that enables women to become more engaged in their workplace, set and achieve goals, have greater influence in their lives and achieve more of their potential. The Springboard Program is innovative, timely, has won awards and is recognised for its contribution to gender diversity.

It has been successful for thousands of women and hundreds of organisations throughout the world and in Australia. It’s about empowering women to take small steps and actions to create a better future at work and in life. If you are after a more engaged and effective female workforce, look no further.

In Australia more than 40,000 women have graduated from Springboard since the early 1990’s. It just works.

How successful is Springboard?

  • It operates in over 40 countries world-wide (Australia was the second country outside the UK to implement the program)
  • It has been successfully conducted for more than 25 years in the UK and Australia
  • More than 240,000 participants have completed the course
  • The world’s first Springboard program to be conducted entirely online (by Deb Elliott) was as successful as face-to-face programs

Those stats are highly commendable. What other program do you know that has such a solid credibility factor and demonstrated results?

Ask us about the research that demonstrates the value of conducting Springboard for your team members.

Want to Know More About Springboard?

Let’s help you out. You can discover more about the workshops, workbook and training courses offered. These include public programs conducted form time to time and you can run a program onsite for your staff – more targeted and cost effective for you. Use these links to dig a little deeper.


Deb Elliott at Fly Consulting is a vibrant and passionate presenter of the Springboard Program with many empowered women behind her whom she has developed. You and your team are in safe hands with Deb. Call her on 0431 535 040.