Differences Between Men and Women

Lewis Wolpert is a highly distinguished South African-born British developmental biologist, author, and broadcaster. So when he talks, it is worth listening.

In this talk given in 2013 he explains the biological basis for differences between men and women. He asserts that there are genetic differences in the brain. Determining the consequence of these differences, however, is open to some interpretation.

He also discusses whether some differences are learned or biologically ingrained.

If you are familiar with the topic there are no new ideas here but it is a very good literature review of sorts and clarifies some myths.

One of those myths is that the different sized brains imply a lower intelligence in women. According to Wolpert, “On average there is no intellectual difference between men and women.”

Listen for some of those myths he debunks.


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Turia Pitt: She Finds Everything To Live For

You remember that ultra-marathon in WA where competitors were caught in a raging fire?

Turia Pitt almost died. Put in an induced coma so doctor’s could treat the traumatic burns covering 65% of her body, this woman’s life changed forever.

What would you do if through no fault of your own you were horrifically injured and disfigured for life?

Throw in the towel? Blame the organizers of the race? Wallow and hide form the world?

Not if you’re Turia Pitt. She came out with a determination to make her life count for something.

And she has a lot of life left to live.

Our own Deb Elliott had the humbling pleasure to meet her at a function.

Turia has been a woman Deb has looked up to for some time. In fact, she’s definitely one of Deb’s heroes. She sees Turia as someone who you can look to as a guide for how to handle obstacles and live your life as fully as possible. Find out more about this amazing woman – http://turiapitt.com/


Have a think about who you consider a hero and why.

How do they influence you?

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Where Are The Female Architects?

I knew one once. Diane. She was middle age and was unique. Unique because she knew she was one of a rare breed: women in architecture.

Diane had always been involved in building. In the early days she was involved in a commune of women and they built their own houses on a common block of land out in the sticks. Diane designed most of the houses.

A generation later and it seems Diane is still a rare breed.


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‘Reasons’ For Workplace Inequality

Here’s a great blog posts about three of the often-quoted reasons why women are passed over for opportunities.

I know from experience that there are more but these are certainly common.

In Springboard we explore how to minimise the impact others perceptions and behaviour have on you. There is an argument that if you buy into the belief then you become part of the problem. If you focus on what you bring to the table you are more likely to find entries rather than barriers. On a societal level we need to fight to remove such barriers. On an individual level you can choose how they affect you.

How does this resonate for you?


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Women in Sport Leadership

Great to see three females appointed to leadership roles with the AOC


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Can Getting Fitter Really Make Me Happier?

file000155604251It so can!


Getting fit and in shape is proven to make you happier. So if you want to be happier, get fitter.


Low grade depression or ‘the blues’ gets hammered with regular exercise. Apart from helping you return to your natural body weight, regular exercise and other fitness activities are hugely beneficial for your heart and your circulation. Good news all round!


Research and anecdotal evidence argues that a brisk half hour walk will immediately make you more alert. Intense physical activity of any kind actually stimulates certain brain chemicals like endorphins which actually cause you to feel happier and more at peace. Magic.


Of course, there are also self-esteem benefits – you feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror and see how all your hard work is paying off.


The key to becoming happier is regular exercise and increasing dedication to your fitness goals.


This includes drinking lots of water throughout the day, and changing your lifestyle to include a healthy diet. Funnily enough, when you start to exercise regularly, you kind of want to start eating better and hydrating.


WebMD is one of the more respected healthcare websites on the Internet. It explains just how getting fit can make you happier, and it all has to do with those chemicals called endorphins. These wonderful little natural mood boosters actually talk to your brain, and help reduce your perception of pain.


And these endorphins are released in huge quantities when you exercise for an extended period of time. Have you ever experienced a euphoric feeling after an intense workout? Long-distance runners call it the “runner’s high”. This is due to the massive release of endorphins in your body, which drastically and quickly cause a happier and healthier outlook. The harder you exercise, the better you feel (up to a point!).


As they are produced in your spinal cord, brain and other parts of your body, these chemical heroes also act as sedatives. However, unlike chemical sedatives such as morphine, there is no unhealthy addiction or dependence created when your body is flooded with these miraculous stress relievers.


Researchers explain that regular exercise of even mild intensity levels promotes positive self-esteem, can erase feelings of depression, is great for lowering anxiety and reducing stress, and can even improve your sleep patterns.


Ever noticed how your outlook on life is always better when you feel good about yourself?  The chemical process already hardwired into your physical makeup ensures that you feel happy and energized after a workout.


You knew that getting fit and losing weight would help your heart, lower your blood pressure and improve your strength and body tone. But now that you understand your body is chemically aligned to make you happier when you exercise, you have just one more great reason to start a regular fitness program.


So, what’s the first step?

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